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Our Story

Araku Sports commenced as a family business 9 years ago and felt the need the of quality BJJ apparel to contribute to this sport. If these words resonate with you, then we both share the passion for martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. BJJ is the combination of body and mind which is challenges athletes physically and mentally. We learnt this over the years and now contributing to sports with Top of the line machinery and experienced staff. We started manufacturing BJJ Gis because we share the same feel for BJJ as athletes do of this sport. The Gi can be your armour before battle like gladiators, your ceremonial robe, an extension of you and a representation of your passion. Araku sports BJJ Gis are the combination of innovation, functionality, durability, comfort, personality and style. We have seen too little evolution in the traditional Gi uniform, and as enthusiastic students of the art, we want the uniform to evolve like the art itself and provide the customisation and selection of styles from vast range of Araku Sports. The innovative basic and premium BJJ Araku Gi is our very small way of participating in the growth of a truly great sport.

Araku Sports